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Janine Bürger

Board Director & Secretary

Srijana Poudel is a forestry graduate from Kathmandu Forestry College, who dreams to be a successful biodiversity conservationist. The ravishing beauty and the stupendous hospitality offered by nature has always been her aspirations to work for the welfare of the environment that plants and animals live in for the better future. Along with this, she has a profound enthusiasm to exchange her learning and experiences gained from every ups and downs of life with individuals in need. 

Srijana has worked as a Forest Technician and Research Assistant in various projects related to natural resources management. She also has an experience of working with the differently able people in national and international level. From her experiences, she has a deep belief that love and support has a power to heal ourself and others.

Srijana loves exploring self and new places, reading books, listening to music, and loves to do yoga and meditation to balance her mind, body and soul. She believes that every individual has their own story which can inspire another individual to live a happy and peaceful life.

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