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Prashu Ram Chaudhari


Prashu Was born in middle class family in far western Nepal have four brothers and interested to support the people who are in underprivileged family and gender minorities people living in the community. He has been struggled from early age against gender based violence and sexual and gender minorities as a result he associated with Blue Diamond Society the organization of sexual and gender minorities people in very young age. He also interested to advocate the people who are working in adult entertainment sector because, they don’t have fixed salary scale, working hour and other security services from the owner and government as well and along with this, he is now engaged in BDS as a human right defender because, government does not in practices to write the rights of LGBTIQA+ people living in the country and doing continue advocacy regarding the issues of LGBTIQ people.

He qualified MBS from Shanker Dev Campus and MA in sociology is going on in Patan Multiple collage. Now he is completely engaged in BDS as a research coordinator and M&E officer and he is interested in singing spiritual Bhajans, visiting new places and social work for underprivileged people living in the community.

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